Hello Final Fantasy Fans!
Well, I spent a year in Oklahoma in 1993 as an exchange student, but I hope my english is still good enough for all of you. There are so many Final Fantasy sites on the net, but I have always been missing something, there are not many differences between them. There are walkthroughs, FAQ´s,
story- and character descriptions, 10 or 15 pics and the same options for Squall und Zidane. These sites are worthless for someone who played FFVII more than once, so I decided to create a FF-site just for the fans of the game, it´s already four years old, nobody needs to know how to kill Sephiroth anymore! I collected many pics and facts about
the game and tried to explain what makes it so special and even better than VIII and IX. There are also many reviews from console-magazines and you won´t find those things very often on the net. I hope that makes my site different and you will enjoy it!